I was reading that all good stories,  and there are a lot ,  have  a few basic things in common.  

  • the characters are interesting
  • they have flaws
  • they have strengths
  • they have love ( interests or hobbies )
  • they feel good with you
  • they hurt with you

So , I proceeded to give the characters a few flaws here in writing to abide by so there consistent thru the upcoming adventures that i create for them to have.

My name is Michael,  and these are my girls Molly and Jasper.

Working from my own interest I have pulled together a few bits and pieces that will,  in my opinion,  make there time with you enjoyable as well as memorable.

I’m gonna list there here as well as create a mental map image for my own resource that will be available for you to see what my possible thought process might be.

For Molly who is the older by a few years we have the concrete ideas of

— Cheerful, loving, kind, smart, wise, sensible, careful .

and the more intangible ideas of

— earth, colors brown and green,  prefers squares, dislikes zig zag patterns,  birthstone diamond for april as well as being a very taurus like aries,  likes the stability of a bonsai made with wire and gears in steampunk fashion

For Jasper we have the  following

–Youth and inexperience, fearless, imaginative, creative, moody, loves the water and the colors red, yellow and orange,  but dislikes pinks and purple in general,  dislikes spirals and prefers circles,  enjoys flowers and sunshine

intangibly Jasper has the following

— extremist,  flake, quick to anger or hurt emotionally, pouty, sinister in that she loves a practical joke on Molly

now that we have that listed.. ill get those images up as soon.


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