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Today was a good day,  they both slept through the night and this morning after bathroom walks both Molly and Jasper went for a walk together with only Himself on the leash.

Molly still acted the fool and had to have her leash shortenend to keep her out of traffic.  Jasper on the other hand was very peaceful and walked nice on her leash.

There was an issue with Jasper when we got home though.   She bolted inside the house and tangled me up.  So in response I made her wait until I was untangled and molly was de-leashed and had been to the water bowl to attempt to undo her from the leash.  She did walk over to me on her own and sat down before it was removed.

I can hope that we are building trust with her.

Jasper seems to have gained a few pounds of muscle since she arrived.  Her collar is fitting more snug and we will need to relax it some in the near future.

Still working on the comic format and the basic story that I am trying to tell.

I might follow a lead I found on television,  South Park to be more precise.  Tell classic stories from literature from the eyes of my characters.

Not sure how Macbeth will translate,  but its an interesting thought.


So .. here is the actual star all dolled up.. gettin ready for her big comedic break..

lookin kinda sassy


redlabsmalllightTrying to get a feel for Jasper in different colors..

more to come

Title Page

Its almost 100 outside and you can instantly tell it.

The cooler inside is where im gonna be staying for a while.

Adventure TIME

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today i woke up an someone was in the bathroom.. i had to investigate

it was Mae – Jasper

Jasper lookin serious

Jasper lookin serious
Molly wanting to blog more.

Molly wanting to blog more.

We has a blog

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yaaa.. woopieee

Day Three

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I had a poop –  Jasper

Day Two

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Jasper gets here and we have biscuits – Molly